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By SpiderGroup

20 Nov 2010

Back in April 2009, the Government brought out a new initiative to ‘boost’ online safety for youngsters and general member of the public – and now their campaign is back and called ‘Get Safe Online’ and its one to have a look at.""

The website is a platform for youngsters and pretty much anyone to go to get advice on three main areas: Education, Victim Advise and Up to date information.

Education – to educate people more about online dangers

Victim Advise – to give advice to someone who could have unfortunately fallen victim to cyber crime

Up to date information – a central hub crammed full of information of the latest tricks and how to spot something bad before the inevitable can happen

Get Safe Online earlier this week released some pretty alarming statistics:

‘Almost 1 in 4 (25%) of the surveyed UK adults had been approached by someone claiming to be from an IT helpdesk offering to check their PC for viruses.’

Not only is this alarming in itself but ‘80% of the UK internet users are unaware that such a scam exists’. The information which Get Safe Online has released pretty much goes to show why the website has been constructed in the first place.

Launched on Monday, Get Safe Online had speeches from some pretty big wig companies such as HSBC, PayPal, Ofcom, Trend Micro and the Minister for Crime Prevention.



This could possibly be one of the best hubs within Get Safe Online’s website. The Education section flourishes with information from how to protect your PC, how to protect yourself, and protecting small business –there is even information specifically written for children.

Not only does the Education section have specific sections on educating users, there is also a section for people who just want a quick answer to a problem, there are useful links embedded within the website such as ‘Avoid online rip-offs’ through to ‘How to stop identity theft’.

Not into reading articles? There is even 16videos that cover a range of topics from the basics from creating a nice secure password through to the more complex such as securing your wireless.

Victim Advice

Victim Advice is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin – it offers users the information required to resolve a solution or problem that may be encountered such as dealing with suspicious emails from PayPal or even your bank – knowing what’s right and what’s wrong.

It may be a little uninteresting to some users who may already have a great knowledge about online safety but the Victim Advice hub offers users simple advise when needed!

Up To Date Information

We finally come to the Get Safe Online Up to Date Information section which is in form of a blog. Every week or two, posts are put up with more information about how to stay safe online and more. Even for the more knowledgeable people – again, it certainly worth having a quick read to make sure you know everything.

To sum the website up nicely – it’s the way of live unfortunately, we are all vulnerable on the internet and it can happen to the best of us falling victim to cyber crime – even the IT literate person. The website has its purpose to provide a platform to educate users and provide darn good information and a point of reference if you want to resolve an online issue.

The website clearly targets towards younger children who use the internet as well as elderly people who could easily be convinced about an email from HSBC saying they need to re-activate their online account – so check it out!

Want to know more on Get Safe Online? Visit or follow them on Twitter @GetSafeOnline and use hash tag #GetSafeOnline.

-Source Zath

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