Getting Email Setup On Your BlackBerry Handset

By SpiderGroup

23 Nov 2010

I think it would be safe to use an analogy – ‘a car wouldn’t work properly without petrol’ and it’s the same for BlackBerry smart phones (well, they don’t use fuel but it’s an analogy). If you didn’t have an email account fully configured and setup on your BlackBerry device, you wouldn’t be using the full potential of the handset – unless you like playing Brick Breaker.""

Everyone should know that BlackBerry handsets are primarily targeted for the business and SME market and they are the definitive business handset. Even if your BlackBerry handset isn’t used for business, you can still configure Hotmail Accounts on it to make the most of it.

BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) Email – To configure the email accounts on the phone, you would need to go BlackBerry Main Menu Button > Setup > Email Setup > I want to create or add an email address and then proceed with the wizard. Typically, you will just have to put in the email address and password and it will do all the rest for you.

Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) – If your company has a BES server installed and configured, you will need to select I want to use a work email account with a Blackberry Enterprise Server option. This will enable your business email account (Microsoft Outlook) to fully synchronize with your BlackBerry. Your Calendar, Notes, Contacts and Emails will seamlessly go straight through to your BlackBerry without you having to plug your phone into your PC like BIS.

In order to get BES configured properly, you will need an enterprise activation password in order to use this, and you will need to contact your IT department if you don’t have this already.

Setting up your email account

Now follow these steps to set up an email account on the BlackBerry Bold 9700:

  • From your home screen, you will need to press your BlackBerry Home Button (located to the left of your tracker ball/ tracker pad)
  • Select Set Up Wizard, and then Email Set Up.
  • Choose which email option you want to use. Press Next, and Next again. Your phone will now connect to the email set up website.
  • Accept the terms and conditions if you agree with them.
  • Your Blackberry will support most email service providers including Hotmail and many more. Select which one you want to set up, and enter your details. When you’re done, select OK.
  • If you want to create a BlackBerry email account (this isn’t necessary) click Add then Create New Address.
  • Choose a username and password then create a secret question with an answer. Click Next and OK.

This should hopefully get you on your way to getting your BlackBerry setup – remember to install your BlackBerry software manager (this will be in your handset box) and then Backup the handset just in case anything bad happens.

-Source Phones4U

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