Google Music Vs Apple & Amazon

By SpiderGroup

9 May 2011



The launch of Music Beta by Google is said to be announced today at I/O developer conference.

However, it seems they are not only likely to get Amazon & Apple’s back up but also that of many record labels for proceeding without their permission. Like Amazon, Google argues that consumers will only be able to store and stream music that they already own, claiming therefore that licenses aren’t necessary.

Rival Apple is expected to launch a music streaming service this year also, and with their relationships with record labels already established, their journey is very likely to be an easier one.

Legal rubbish aside, which is to be best??

Until it officially launches, impossible to tell – especially as the beta version is said to be invitation only and in just the US for now. However, Google is ensuring that it’s Cloud Music service will be suitably integrated with the Android, which looks set to be a very popular feature and starting point when competing with Amazon & Apple.


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