Google trials new Ad label colour

By SpiderGroup

26 Apr 2016

Noticed anything different about the ads in the Google search results? No? It’s not too obvious to spot and will only be showing for a few people. But Google are trialling changing the little yellow ‘Ad’ label that we’ve come to recognise at the top of the search results, to green. Now this may sound like an insignificant colour swap, but it actually has wider implications for those that implement SEO or PPC to advertise their website.

Tweet via @jaywhitelock

Organic Search Results

The temporary green Ad labels now match the green URL in the organic results, blending the ads and organic results. This kind of disguises the fact that they’re paid adverts and blurs the previous yellow boundary between organic and paid. With this in mind, it might fool people into thinking that the ads are the top of the organic search results. Bad news for SEO marketers. The top organic result kind of looks like the 5th result which is, of course, not actually the case. And, with the top 5 results actually receiving two thirds of all clicks, it could mean you end up receiving less organic traffic to your site.

PPC Advertising

So while the ads blend in with the organic, more trust will be attributed to the paid ads. People are much more likely to click on an advert when it looks like part of the usual organic results. Good news for PPC campaigns. It will be interesting to see whether the click through rate for PPC adverts increases following this simple colour change.

It’s not unusual for companies to try out new colours and improve user experience. But by ditching the bright Ad label, have Google found a simple way to drive more paid clicks? We’ll certainly be monitoring this ad change in terms of PPC and SEO and wait and see if they roll it out permanently.

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