Grand Turismo 5 Thrustmaster Wheel Released

By SpiderGroup

5 Jan 2011

Thrustmaster have released their official steering wheel peripheral for Grand Turismo 5 for Sony’s PS3.

With a price-tag of £450, the T500 RS wheel is 12-inches in diameter, has brushed metal pedals – this includes a traditional setup of accelerator, brake and clutch and you can purchase a gearstick to make the experience more realistic.


The steering wheel is currently one of two currently on the market which is compatible with Grand Turismo but the French manufacture recommends you update the drivers so that when compatibility for the ‘forced feedback’ for other PS3 games is available, you get the update straight away.

The pedals can be used in two different concepts – normal (as shown in the picture) for a formula one experience or you can invert it for a ‘rally’ pedal experience.


The peripheral certainly contributes to the whole realistic gaming experience but for £450 you still have to purchase a bucket seat and frame to hinge the steering column on.

One downside of the steering column are the flappy paddles used to shift through the gears as they don’t move with the steering wheel making it awkward to change gear in corners.

-Via YouTube

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