Has Amazon & Sony Knocked Confidence in the Cloud?

By SpiderGroup

5 May 2011

""Recently, two major incidents have made an obvious dent in people’s confidence in the Cloud.

At the end of last month Amazon had errors with it’s connectivity which affected other websites such as Foursquare & Reddit. Amazon have since blamed ‘Human error’ but this comes too late to prevent arousing fears toward the Cloud.

To top it off, Sony went and had a massive security breach, whereby 77 million users had their personal details and even credit card details jeopardised by hackers.

It seems there are massive lessons to be learned in terms of the Cloud and proves that businesses should be aware but not afraid. Simply be sure of the following:

  • That you trust your provider
  • That your provider has a recovery system in place
  • That you are fully aware of how and where your data is stored

Although it has put a slightly murky Cloud above Cloud Computing, it has by no means destroyed the overall reputation. The silver lining in fact is an appeal toward Cloud services belonging to smaller company’s: Those that you can actually speak to; those who have a more personal approach when it comes to the Cloud.

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