HD TV cables

By SpiderGroup

27 Jul 2010

I’ve recently made the move to Blu-Ray and HD TV and I’m really enjoying the extra quality, last night I watched both ‘Top Gear’ and the new ‘ Sherlock Holmes’ BBC series (which is great) in HD.

I’ve spent money on the HD LCD TV, the Blu-Ray player, the Virgin subscription to get HD and now that little bit extra to buy the odd Blu-Ray disks but am I getting the full benefit?  "HDMI

I’m using a cheap (ish) HDMI cable from a supermarket for the Blu-Ray and the stock one Virgin supplied for HD TV. However you can go out and spend a fortune on cables, with gold plating and special shielding but does it matter? Should you spend under £5 or 10 times that, £50?

In the days of analogue this really did make a difference, the quality of the final picture really could be affected by a cheap SCART cable. HDMI is digital all the way so you don’t really have to contend with the signal loss of analogue, all you’ve got going down these cables are 0s and 1s!

The best comparison we can draw here is that of printing – have you ever considered fitting a better quality cable between your PC and printer so the photo of the family you’re printing comes out better? No, of course not, the cable isn’t going to make any difference to the final quality of the photo!

The same applies to your HDMI cables, in principle you’re sending exactly the same down the cable as if you were printing, just 0s and 1s. So as long as it gets there you’ll get the same picture quality regardless of how much gold your cable has on it!

Obviously, if you get the cheapest cable going there is every chance it may be poorly made and therefore n"goldot fit the port correctly or break after only a few months but at the same time there is no need to spend a fortune on that gold plated, nuclear shielded HDMI cable!

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