How can SaaS (Software as a Service) help your business?

By SpiderGroup

9 Oct 2008

We provide a number of solutions via the SaaS model. There are a number of easy to understand benefits although a provider must be chosen carefully.

Some benefits:

1. Lower costs with Pay-as-You-go
Subscribing to a SaaS application removes the overhead associated with implementing conventional software. Traditonal software implementation would involve purchasing and maintaining servers, housing them securely, and installing and maintaining the software. The upfront investment in hardware, specialist IT skills and the software itself can be huge – whereas using a SaaS provider means paying a PAYG subscription.
– This point is particulary prevalent in these financial times, business is still going but large upfront cash investments are best avoided


2. Quicker deployment
Since a SaaS provider (or hosting company) will already have the infrastructure waiting and be able to speedly deploy new instances of the software a business could be up and running in a far shorter time that if they decided to implement it themselves.

3. Greater Security
As a SaaS provider, client data security and system security is of the highest priority. Should either of these be compromised the whole business is at risk and so it is given a serious amount of attention. For example, at SpiderGroup we have our infrastructure ‘Penetration tested’ by external agencies to ensure we’re up to stratch.

4. Better reliability
As with security, up-time or reliability is at the top of the priority list of any SaaS provider. With qualified, in house engineers montoring the systems 24hrs a day if a problem occurs it can be dealt with immediately – not when it has started to affect the software.

A couple of the software applications we provide on the SaaS model are:

Microsoft Exchange Server (£15.00 per mnth)
This is all your Outlook data – Email/Diary/Contacts which allows them to sync to your mobile and be able to share colleagues diaries.

Microsoft Windows SharePoint (£15.00 per mnth with Exchange)
This gives a business online file storage, backup and other information management tools.

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