How can we measure the ROI of Cloud computing?

By SpiderGroup

5 Aug 2012



When we think of moving to the Cloud for our Business IT, one of the first things often considered is cost. What’s my Return on Investment (ROI)?

Different ways to measure the ROI of upgrading your IT has been discussed and researched by many. However should our return on investment be solely put down to cost or should we look into measurements of what value it brings to our business?

We would like to think a successful ROI would mean saving hard, physical money, yet, how can we calculate this when we could consider the following softer measures:

  • Time saving
  • Stress saving
  • Employee agility
  • Safety
  • Space in office
  • Cost to the environment


The saying ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ could be linked to the above.

Calculations for measuring the ROI often exclude these additional benefits, only physical savings on moving to the cloud are used to decide the future. We could argue unless these are fully calculated to the precise penny would this be a good measure of ROI on cloud computing? Should the other contributing factors outlined above be included?

We believe that while money has a strong hold on the decision to move to the cloud, we also view these other values as a good measurement of ROI. If employees are saving time and stress and can work from anywhere in safety then in the long term work rates will increase which ultimately leads to more profit!

What would you measure as a good ROI for cloud computing?


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