November 09, 2016

How to organise your business with Dynamics CRM

By SpiderGroup

Organising your business at the best of times is an enormous task. Customers, staff, business processes, documents, invoicing, marketing, sales all need tracking and recording with some level of organization and logic.

Using CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software) enables any business to manage their business in an efficient way. We use Dynamics CRM, which is now the heart and soul of SpiderGroup.

"workstation-405768_1920"We use Dynamics CRM to:

• Store contact details

• Contact customers via email – we can send and track replies from each contact

• Send quotes and invoices

• Send and organise newsletters and email automation

• Tech and website maintenance schedules for our clients

• Website analysis and marketing automation.

Creating a positive customer experience whatever industry you are in can be made easier by using a dynamic CRM system. When I say dynamic, I mean flexible. Our Microsoft CRM is molded to the processes of SpiderGroup.

We have three clear functions of our CRM system:

1. Administration – Client and supplier information.

2. Sales – Leads, sales funnel, opportunities, quotes, and accounts.

3. Marketing – Newsletter lists, marketing email campaigns, email automation, campaign analytics, tracking.

"crm2"As a technology company, we have built a robust system that creates a proactive approach to looking after the large number of contacts we have. At every stage we know what interaction has been made with each client and when the next will be.

If you are a smaller business, Dynamics CRM can act as a customer database for you to record contact details, products and services and to send a monthly newsletter. For the larger companies, the information and number of contacts stored will be higher which means you need a flexible system that can adapt and work quickly to draw information needed.

There are many CRM systems in the market right now. Some are custom built for industries and many are built to be customized to your business needs. Ultimately choosing the right CRM system depends on your business size and processes and what you need the CRM systems to do for you.

If you would like advice on which CRM system is right for your business feel free to contact us or call us on 0117 933 0570.

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