How can you tell if employees working from home are actually doing their job?

By SpiderGroup

Tech General
17 April 2016

If, like us, you’re a big fan of hosted desktop, you may have the facility for you or your employees to work from home. This allows for flexibility in the work place and a much more relaxed style of employment. Your employees can take care of the kids and work from the comfort of their own home, with none of the typical work distractions. But how can you monitor work performance and ensure the job gets done?

sticky-notes-to-do-listSet clear goals

Before you let your employees go free reign, set up some targets to be completed throughout a telecommuting day. This could be a certain number of to-do’s completed, or a set number of articles written or a problem solved, depending on the line of work you are involved in. Having clear guidelines in place from the very beginning will encourage your employees to get the job done.

Allow for easy communication

Having an employee work from home is no use if you can’t get hold of them when you need to and vice versa. Make sure all the relevant phone numbers are available and accessible should either of you need to contact each other. Accessibility to emails away from the office is essential, which is why hosted desktop makes working from home so much easier.

In some cases, it may be simpler to have a more dynamic communication avenue such as Skype for Business. Effectively an instant messenger service, this lets you fire off a quick online message to employees and is a much easier method of communication if phone calls are not always viable and emails are too slow.

apple-1281744_1920Put a communication strategy in place

To ensure a consistent work ethic, it may be wise to establish times for a quick catch up throughout the day, if you haven’t already been in touch with your employee. An end-of-the-day round up of the actions carried out throughout the day may be enough to satisfy the work quota and to feel that you’re keeping on top of the work load.

With clear targets and communication, telecommuting can be a doddle. If you’d like to offer this facility to your own employees, get in touch to find out how hosted desktop can transform your business. You can call us on 01179 330 570 or contact us online.

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