HP Announces 10" webOS Tablet | What You Need To Know

By SpiderGroup

15 Feb 2011

We’ve seen a lot over the past few years from Palm and their devices came thick and thin – until HP acquired Palm on the 28th April last year for a tidy $1.2billion which isn’t actually a lot for a company like Palm.

A lot of hype was around the purchase of Palm as HP was set to unveil their prototype of the HP Slate Tablet with Windows 7, but when HP purchased Palm, we knew that we were all in for something good with a webOS platform.


When I first played around with the Palm Pre, Pre2 and Pre+, I found the hardware was lacking in a few areas, but the software, I thought it was pretty much spot on with over the air sync of data, backing up your information over the air – nothing else was on the market which was capable of this.

Recently though, HP have finally announced the new webOS tablet called; the TouchPad.

On the inside of the tablet, you will find a Snapdragon dual-core 1.2GHz processor (which is a hell of a lot faster than the iPad) and comes in a 16GB or 32GB version.

Ultimate gaming experience

Connectivity, the tablet has all of the normal extras such as Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, and a Gyro, accelerometer and digital compass. The reason why you would find a Gyro and Accelerometer in a tablet like this is merely for improving the gaming experience.

The tablet supports multi-tasking, as webOS did anyway with all of the HP/Palm handsets with the use of slider cards, which I would say is the easiest way to kill a process – all you do is simply slide the card up towards the top of the screen.

Document management

What’s great about webOS is that it works as a business’s platform like a Blackberry handset, Windows Phone 7 and Android. If an attachment comes in via email, you can save the document on the tablet, open it via QuickOffice and then re-attach it via email.

It will support Flash

Yup, that’s right – the tablet will actually support flash (unlike the iPad). This is going to be a great feature for the tablet as it means that developers of books, newspapers and magazines can make the most of this facility.

When Palm released their teaser video of the tablet on their YouTube channel, all they did was show off all of the sleekly curves of the tablet – take a look yourself.

Tablets are going to have an enormous boom in 2011 but who will come on-top? Who do you think? Pop a comment below.

-Via HP, Zath

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