HTC announce Desire HD

By SpiderGuest

16 September 2010

I think it was pretty much safe to say that when HTC released the HTC Desire, it seemed to lack something to make it that little bit better to excel against its competitor – the iPhone. But news today is that HTC have announced the HTC Desire HD and as many people predicted, the handset looks remarkably like the HTC Evo.

The HD will have a 4.3″ display which is larger than the original Desire, but as we have seen previously, handsets such as the HD2 people did purchase a more chunkier handset and were content with it.

Spec, the HD will have its normal 1GHz snapdragon processor, a whopping 768MB of RAM and 1.5GB internal memory. Software wise, the handset will have Android 2.2 Froyo but with the newer versions of Android in the pipeline, who knows.

To compliment the display and better pixel density, the handset will have a boosted rear-facing camera which will now be able to shoot 720p and an 8MP camera with dual-flash. Only downside is this isn’t really ground breaking as Android lovers with the Nexus One have been able to hack their smart phone to record in 720p.

On the outside of the phone, the handset looks pretty much exactly the same as the EVO.

In terms of availability, the handset is said to begin next month but with the handset going exclusively to Vodafone.

What may need to be done to give the HD that edge, as previously mentioned, the handset does require a rather significant increase in battery – another benefits which Zath have pointed out is that you will actually be able to hold the phone without killing the reception or having to put a silly case on it.

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