The benefits of an integrated telecommunication system

By Bryan Parsons

21 September 2016

When I talk about an integrated telecommunication system, I mean a phone system that works for your business, where contact with your customers and suppliers can be tracked, logged and, if necessary, recorded. It’s often the case that the phone system is a standalone system, with no links to your other methods of communication with customers and no way to know when, or who, last spoke to your customer. It doesn’t have to be that way; you can have a telecoms system that works with your other systems, linking different forms of communication together, allowing you to keep track of them all.

459017985Skype for Business

Skype for Business is Microsoft’s answer to an integrated telecoms system. Sometime back, Microsoft purchased Skype and from this came ‘Lync’ which was later renamed to ‘Skype for Business’ (S4B).

S4B enables multiple forms of communication; phone calls, video calls, instant messaging and conferencing. It also goes a step further and integrates with Outlook and CRM. Calls and instant messaging conversations are logged in the S4B client and Outlook which can then be synchronised with CRM.

S4B includes a great client for use on Windows or Mac. With only a couple of clicks, you can setup a conference call, go from an instant message conversation to a full video call or share your desktop/presentation.

Traditional phones are supported too; a range for S4B phones enable staff to have a normal desk phone which can be standalone or work alongside the client on your PC.

officeOn the move

S4B enables full communication from anywhere, it doesn’t matter where your login, you still have all the same powerful features and you still have your phone number. There’s a mobile client so you can continue communicating even when you’re not near a PC.

Voicemail is delivered to your client software and your email inbox; S4B will even try and translate the voicemail to text so you can just read it in the email – sometimes with some amusing mistakes!

Getting started

There doesn’t need to be any expensive setup or server deployments involved, S4B can be hosted by an IT provider or you can get it through Office 365 and have a fully integrated phone system setup and deployed to your staff in only an hour or two!

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