iPad 3G Outsells Wi-Fi Version By 4:1 In The UK

By SpiderGroup

19 Dec 2010

According to a study from Context as reported by V3, customers are more lured to purchase the Apple iPad 3G in comparison to the Wi-Fi only model. Not only are potential buyers willing to spend a little bit more for the 3G models but it seems as if they are happy to stump up the extra few hundred for the 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G tablet.""

Context reckons that the 3G iPads outsold the Wi-Fi only model in November at a 4:1 ratio which is good news for Apple.

Earlier studies showed that 70% of iPad’s sold at launch were Wi-Fi only models but this could be due to the fact that Apple initially started shipping Wi-Fi only models before 3G models.

With statistics like this and Apple clearly making a buck with the iPad 3G enabled devices. The only worrying thing is people are purchasing iPad first generations – don’t they know that a second generation is due around April 2011. Improvements on hardware, twin camera, resolution and reliability are just a few updates rumored for the second generation iPad.

-Source TechWatch

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