iPad2 Rumours | What You Need To Know

By SpiderGroup

17 Jan 2011

With only a few weeks until Apple is supposedly to unveil their new iPad2, the release date, specs and price are still secrets. But does that stop rumours – No.

Reports indicate that Apple is anticipating a huge demand for their second generation iPad, so much in fact that they have ordered six million units per month.

So what do we know so far?

Cameras and Gyroscopes

Gizmodo: they reckon that FaceTime support is going to be in the second generation iPad like the iPhone 4

BuzzBizz News suggests a twin camera plus a three-axis gyroscope like the iPhone 4.

EETimes says that Apple has already been testing out gyroscopes but decided against putting it in the original iPad – could we see this in the second generation?



10th December – images of a supposed ‘new iPad case’ appeared online suggesting that the second generation iPad had a back-facing camera as well as a speaker

17th January 2011 – we heard rumour online of a front facing camera. This would be expected because this is currently in the iPhone 4 and other smart tablets on the market have this already.


USB Port and SD card slot

More rumours emerged stating that the second generation iPad would have a USB port, which according to BuzzBiss News, will allow users to ‘upload movies, documents and photos’.

However, rumours online are sceptical of this as Apple and technology is moving wirelessly with the Cloud. We know already that the iPad first generation can print wirelessly, why would they want to incorporate a USB slot?

If Apple were to incorporate a USB slot in the iPad2, it would more likely be a micro-USB slot or a special port adapter so that Apple can meet EU regulations ‘on mobile device chargers’.

No more home button

Boy Genius Report says a source has told them that Apple has employees testing iPad’s with no home buttons. On the other hand, ZDNet says “don’t bet on it”.


Retina Display

‘Apple Blog’ blogged that “you can be sure that Apple’s Retina Display, or something very close, will make its way to iPad”.

Rumours state that if the iPad were to have a larger retina display than what’s currently in the iPhone4, it would be a strain on the iPad2’s battery life – could we see a new battery in the iPad2?

More Memory

This would go without saying the iPad having more memory (the iPhone4 is currently faster than the original iPad). With the new version of iOS already been out for a few months, multi-tasking on the first generation iPad (256MB RAM) is a little hard and ‘stingy’ of Apple but is great marketing as they have kept their customers keen for an upgrade.

Faster processor

KitGuru has heard rumours from the ‘Far-East’ that the iPad2 will be a seven-inch tablet with a 2GHz processor and HD camera. KitGuru believe that the processor will be based on ARM’s Cortex A9, 1GHz processor that is expected in the BlackBerry PlayBook.


CDMA 4G version

We’ve already heard about the Motorola XOOM being 4G/ CDMA compatible so why wouldn’t the iPad2 be? Released in America before the UK, Apple have a great market to hook onto as it will mean super-fast browsing in Safari, and a lot more flexibility with Cloud applications and Mobile Me (Apple’s version of Microsoft Outlook Exchange).

Social Application ‘Find My Friends’

On the 13th January 2011, TechRadar reported about Apple developing a location-based tool called ‘Fin d My Friends’ ready for iOS4.3 for iPhone and iPad.

Mac Rumours says that Find My Friends is going to work with Mobile Me but nothing has been confirmed exactly what Find My Friends is but rumour has it that it is something like ‘Google Latitude’.

-Via TechRadar

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