iPhone Data Usage | 81% Of Us Use Less Than 500MB

By SpiderGroup

6 Dec 2010

When the iPhone 4 was initially released on UK networks, the limitation of a 500MB cap of data seemed to deter most of us from iPhones or turn to Wi-Fi for downloading large files.

How unreasonable is 500MB of data per month?""

MacFormat set out to investigate this by asking nearly 1,000 iPhone users just exactly how much data they used since they last reset the stats counter on their iPhone.

It found that a cap of 500MB isn’t actually that unreasonable at all and based on current iPhone users consumption; the research does exclude FaceTime. Excluding the top one percent of users, the average amount of data consumed by iPhone users was 221MB.


Chris Phin from MacFormat’s says “Four in five people use less than 500MB a month, and only one in ten use more data than O2’s standard plans allow for,”

For the small one percent of users who exceed their 500MB allowance can chew through a whopping10GB! This is obviously down to user’s jail breaking their iPhone and tethering it which isn’t recommended by Apple and voids your warranty.

-Source TechRader

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