iPhone Theif Caught On Twitter

By SpiderGroup

23 Nov 2010

Now usually we blog about technology, laptops, mobile phones and other gadgets moving into the market, but for today we are going to blog about ‘how Twitter can work and how it helped police catch an iPhone thief’.""

A 10-year old boy, Alex Wilson from Darlington, managed to catch a thief with some pretty swift thinking on his behalf and the help of Twitter and his father.

The 10-year old spotted 24-year old ‘Craig Royal’ snatching an iPhone from a pedestrian and then cycling off on his mountain bike. Alex and his dad then decided to jump into his dads car and as his father drove alongside the thief, Alex simply got his iPhone and then caught Craig Royal on camera.

Alex Wilson is now being commended by Police for his quick thinking. I think the story just shows how Twitter can work and you don’t have to reenact all of this on Crime Watch, not only are we seeing Twitter proving it’s a small world, we have seen in the past week websites being setup allowing online users to view CCTV inside retail stores and then get paid for reporting a crime or shop lifting.

When Alex tweeted the picture, supposedly Police saw the tweet and recognized Craig Royal immediately which further lead to his arrest.

Craig Royal, who was apparently drunk at the time of the incident was found guilty, fined as well as given a 12-month conditional discharge.

-Source BBC News

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