Is remote desktop right for every business?

By SpiderGroup

14 Jun 2016

The short answer is no. But let’s explore why it may be a great opportunity for you, your business and, most importantly, your staff. After all, staff are the lifeblood of your business and happier, efficient staff, means improved business and potential natural growth for companies.

"man-791049_1920"Advances in technology

As we know, technology has been advancing in many ways over the last thirty years and there have been many rapid developments in the last ten years, especially since we have been able to harness the opportunities of the internet in respect of the workplace. The internet has revolutionised the way we work. We often hear the phrase “how would we cope now without email”? Could we ever revert back? Why would we anyway? It’s simply fascinating to think how far we have moved with technology in such a relatively short space of time.

The changes that have happened with technology have meant that we and our employers are now able to take a more flexible attitude of the where and when we work. We can now work at home, on a train, coffee shop, beach or in fact anywhere with an internet connection.

Some of the more recent changes that have influenced this even further include cloud technology. Cloud allows all of our data to be regularly backed up and stored safely at a data centre.

"hostedRemote Desktop technology

Remote Desktop, or Hosted Desktop as it is sometimes called, is having access to your own desktop on any PC or laptop wherever you are. This style of working offers some great benefits. It means that whenever you log onto your desktop, it is exactly as you left it. Everything is where you left it and you know that all of your data is up to date and in the same familiar place. How many times do you remember thinking I wish I could access all my files at work and maybe this has cost you a lot of time and was really frustrating.

Well now, with Remote Desktop, you can work from your own familiar desktop from any PC or Laptop. Whenever you log on, you can instantly continue where you left off, access your email, calendar and any of the software that you regularly use. There’s no need to have multiple applications of the software, let alone the requirement to back up each time either.

For example, if you use an accounts package like Sage and you are one of several users, you can access it safe in the knowledge that you are using it at the latest point and won’t lose any updated data.

Easy working with Remote Desktop

Your email is also in one place, without the need to install on another PC or Laptop and you can be sure it’s all up to date, just like your calendar. There’s no need for multiple licenses for software as you are continually using the same version. You also never need to worry about the amount of storage you have as this can be increased as and when you need it.

"pexels-photo-59628_small"Remote Desktop security

Safety is another aspect that concerns many people we speak to. However, you can rest assured that your data is continually backed up. At SpiderGroup, we actually store your data in highly secured data centres located in the UK. Oh and did I mention the scenario of what happens should you be unfortunate to lose or break your PC or Laptop? Again, you can rest in complete confidence that even though you have experienced the loss of your device, all of your important data and files are all available when you log into another computer or replace the one you lost or upgraded to.

So although we appreciate that Remote Desktop doesn’t suit everyone, it certainly offers a style of work for many people and business for the future, providing safe, secure, flexible style of work. To see if remote desktop is right for your business, call SpiderGroup on 0117 933 0570 or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.

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