Is Your Mobile Phone Safe?

By SpiderGroup

21 Feb 2012

Have you ever thought about what would happen if your phone or tablet was lost or worse, stolen? What would be compromised? The list could be pretty long if you spare a moment to think about it…

  • All your contacts, their email addresses, phone numbers, photos
  • All your emails and all the valuable information stored in them
  • All your personal photos
  • Your Facebook profile if you stay logged in all the time like most users
  • Online shopping accounts if you use apps like Amazon and eBay.
  • You home address and when you’re away on holiday or business
  • Text messages
  • Plus lots more!


Due to the increase in mobile thefts reported recently in the press it’s something that’s worth thinking about.

So what can you do to make sure all your data is kept from prying eyes if the worst was to happen? Fortunately these days there is quite a lot of protection available but in most cases you need to take some action before your device goes missing.

  1. Your first line of defence is the PIN or gesture lock on your device, make sure it’s turned on and not too easy to guess! On some devices you can choose to have your device automatically wiped after 10 or so failed attempts to gain access.""
  2. Exchange remote wipe – If you sync your mobile device with a Microsoft Exchange Server it’s possible your IT department can remotely lock your device and/or wipe it.

  3. If you own a BlackBerry or iPhone they come with their own tools to remote wipe or lock them. If you’re signed up to iCloud with Apple you can even find out your iPhone/iPad’s current location, provided you’ve activated it.
  4. There are some third party apps about which allow you to track and wipe your mobile device. Prey has been featured in the press recently here in Bristol when it enabled Police to arrest someone who recently stole a device. Prey will even email you photos of the person attempting to access your device. You need to install and set-up Prey BEFORE your device gets lost or stolen though!



Make sure you’re protected today, tomorrow might be too late.

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