IT Technician or Outsource?

By SpiderGroup

29 Aug 2012

At SpiderGroup we often get asked why a company should outsource their IT rather than hire an IT technician to manage IT in-house. There are benefits to both methods so we thought we would investigate one of the biggest factors – cost.

The average wage of an IT support technician is £22,000*. That’s just over £1,800 per month for one employee, which doesn’t take into account any IT equipment, software or other items they may need, nor cover for when they are on holiday. For comparison we looked at what £1,800 per month could give a business if they outsourced to SpiderGroup:


  • A whole team of IT professionals to support the business when needed
  • 35 Microsoft Exchange email accounts hosted on our solid infrastructure
  • Your own remote desktop server hosted in our cloud for 35 users
  • Full peace of mind that all your data is backed up and secure in our data centre
  • Your own company intranet using SharePoint 2010
  • SpiderGroup broadband for your office with full monitoring
  • Your website hosted on our resilient platform


Outsourcing also means you save on a desk space and no longer require an IT cupboard or servers lurking under desks so you can have a clutter-free office. When choosing to outsource or keep IT in-house we suggest the following to consider:

  • What and how much IT do I need supporting?
  • Which systems would suit my business?
  • How extensive is my IT need?
  • How do I find good outsourcing partners?
  • How quick do I need response times to be?


Ultimately outsourcing and employing a full time technician are big decisions, however with new technologies and more people working remotely with a shift to cloud computing we think the future will see more outsourcing occurring as the need for office based support decreases. As a third alternative we also see many clients who have in house IT managers who work with an outsourced IT company who provide the infrastructure while the inhouse IT provide the support. Perhaps we shall see more hybrid relationships like this develop too?

* Source:

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