How to keep track of employees working remotely

By SpiderGroup

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22 June 2017

Having employees work from home involves a certain level of trust. But advancing programs and software means you can stay engaged with employees working remotely, and develop trust with your technology instead!

Remote working has been proven to increase productivity and efficiency. With a better work-life balance, you’ll have happier employees with improved morale and enthusiasm. Not convinced telecommuting is for you? What about the cost savings for your business? No employees in the office means less overheads, no electricity or heating costs to pay for. Did you know that 70% of small to medium businesses reinvest saved money from the cloud, back into their business. Creating a more mobile workforce is a win-win for everyone. So how do you keep a check on what your employees are up to?

smartphoneKeep in contact

Communication is key to a mobile workforce. With clear communication technologies implemented, you’ll have a much better idea of the tasks your employees are working on, no matter where they are. Skype for Business is a great tool for this, enabling various means of communicating with each other.

Instant messaging allows you to easily message staff members for a quick catch-up on progress or to check how a project is coming along. You’ll be automatically logged into Skype for Business so as long as your employees’ computers are on, you’ll be able to instantly contact each other. Think MSN but for professionals.

Regular contact encourages a flow of conversation between you and your employees so you can stay engaged and informed. The easier this can be done through fast technology, the more likely is to be carried out regularly. Alternatively, you can schedule a regular time of contact every day to catch up without interruption.

Schedule meetings

If messaging online isn’t enough, you can set up conference calls for multiple employees and schedule a thorough meeting. Shared screens allow multiple employees to easily see and discuss a topic. This enables a more comprehensive communication avenue than just phone calls. Or failing that, the Skype for Business package includes video conferencing, which creates the illusion that your staff are working in the office with you. Weekly meetings online allow the team to catch up as a whole, and you can flesh out the schedule for coming weeks.

consultancyWork collaboratively

With employees spread out and working remotely, it’s important to tie it all back together. A disjointed effort with projects is not good for anyone and will just create an unorganised approach to working. With collaborative tools, your employees can still work together, just as they would back in the office, and you can get involved too.

Microsoft Teams is the best way to do this. You can share your documents online so that all relevant colleagues and team members can view and edit files simultaneously. You can invite clients in too for a more collaborative approach with both your staff and clients. With increased collaboration, projects can be completed faster, and to a higher finish with input from everyone.

This will allow you to dip into current projects and files to quickly check on progress without interrupting it.

Track your time

Timekeeping isn’t just great for monitoring time spent on which project but also helps with budget allocation. With the correct timekeeping tools, you can have a better knowledge of what tasks are taking up your employees’ time holistically. Sometimes it takes an outsider’s perspective to notice that a task or client has taken up too much time this month, or not enough.

There are tonnes of great timer tools out there, such as Toggl or Active Collab Timer. Using these means you can monitor employee’s time and gauge an understanding of their workload.

working remotelyWorking remotely

Allowing your employees to work remotely doesn’t have to be something you need to check up on; their individual working areas should feel like an extension of the office. So it’s vital to have the technologies in place to allow this smooth transition. Having a remote desktop means all your employees’ software and programs can be accessed from their home offices or even the coffee shop, anywhere with an internet connection. This way, you know that your employees have all the tools and software they need, wherever they are.

SpiderGroup are a Microsoft Gold Partner, and can equip you with all the technology you need to keep track of your employees telecommuting. Plus, we ensure they have all the tools they need too. For more information, get in touch by calling us on 0117 933 0570. You can also fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.

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