LG G Slate Announced For American Market - Will It Hit The UK?

By SpiderGroup

19 Jan 2011

In a meeting today, LG marketing representative James Choi was questioned about the LG G Slate and a UK version possibly being released. Choi said: “That information isn’t available yet. The first announcement was for the Americas. We are planning another announcement pretty soon.”

When Choi was questioned further, he said “I’ll put it to you this way, even if the 4G version isn’t in the UK…” – Choi was then cut off by a PR representative.

What does this mean?

Although LG haven’t officially confirmed anything, it seems that there could be a UK and EU compatible version of the Android Honeycomb tablet but this is still unclear.

More rumours are still surrounding the specification of the tablet.

Images have unveiled that Android 3.0 Honeycomb will be the tablets operating system but we are still unclear on the hardware. Rumour has it that an nVidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor and 3D compatible display (the same as the Nintendo 3DS – glasses less) could be incorporated.


-Via TechWatch

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