July 07, 2016

Linking Dynamics CRM with email

By SpiderGroup


Dynamics CRM is a Microsoft tool designed to optimise and maximise your sales and marketing efficiency.

Its focus is to improve business intelligence, helping your company to have an awareness of how it is communicating with its environment. This awareness allows you to reflect, plan and improve your business relationships through its specifically designed customer relationship management system.

With email being a very effective channel for building relationships with your clients and prospects, it’s imperative to link this communication channel through to your CRM system.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook email client allows you to link your CRM directly to your Microsoft Outlook email client, allowing you to;

• Create new CRM records from emails at the click of a button

• Link your Outlook emails to existing CRM records. These can be linked to such records as contacts, cases, leads and opportunities

• Open CRM records from any of your linked Outlook emails, providing you with relevant customer data at the touch of a button.

• Track your emails sent through CRM by linking them to the communication for a lead, account or opportunity

• Have a unified contact list – you can consolidate your CRM and email-based contact list to allow you to look up the same list from whatever location is preferred

So what does this mean for your business?


CRM provides easy access to gathered customer data, allowing your sales team easy access to information needed to close a sale. If they are on the phone, they can pull up data while they speak or if they are mobile and out and about, they can simply log in using their phone and everything is right where you need it.

"48747612"Specific Targeting

If you are looking to maximise your marketing team’s potential, you can track email campaigns at a much deeper level. Let’s say someone clicks on a link or performs an action within the marketing email, CRM will create a lead based on that recipient. For sales and marketing teams who want to advance their emails to create an automated series of emails, you can integrate a programme such as Click Dimensions into Dynamics CRM and relax knowing that your leads are being contacted over the next few weeks.

Management Visibility

By linking emails with Dynamics CRM, you have a central hub to see all the activity your team is conducting, and report back on their email correspondence and activity levels. It also rates how hot a lead is by the activity and interaction with your sent emails, allowing you to look at your sales funnel and who is more likely to engage with you.

Linking Dynamics with CRM is a great way to track your email interaction and engagement with clients and potential leads. Not only will Dynamics CRM analyse what someone does with your message, it will provide you with enough insight to follow up appropriately. For any business with a high engagement company, linking emails to CRM is an absolute must!

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