Liverpool Households To Get 200Mbps Powerline Broadband

By SpiderGroup

4 Jan 2011

“Project SmartGrid” is the new project by Liverpool City Council to deliver all 1,000 homes in their city with ‘SuperFast Broadband’ via electricity.

With speeds up to 200Mbps, ‘PowerLine Technology’ effectively means that a broadband signal can be sent through the national grid. As strange as this may b""e, broadband signal runs at a different wavelength to electricity meaning in theory this could be done.

Thought up well over a year ago, the project never got deployed due to a mixture of technical and regulatory challenges, but now UK homes are going to be expected to be fitted with smart meters in the near future, it reduces the cost to fit ‘PowerLine Broadband’. The meter is aimed to display the consumption a household has of gas and electricity.

With the UK Governments plan for ‘SuperFast Broadband by 2015’ and giving rural households a ‘reliable’ internet connection, this solution could work but scepticism is currently around interference of radio services and if the service could actually be deployed nationally.

This power over Ethernet setup can be done within households, but on a national scale, is it sustainable?

-Via TechWatch

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