What to look for in a PPC account manager

By Chloe Wheeler

Digital General
20 September 2016

img_0774Google is the biggest search engine in the world and is one of the first places people will look to find your business, product or service. Choosing to advertise on Google and running a PPC campaign is an important decision and should be well thought through.

If you are a busy business, without the resources to run your own PPC campaign, you may want to outsource PPC to an agency or freelancer. If you choose this path, here are some guidelines of what to look for in an awesome PPC account manager.


Google AdWords is the platform used for creating and managing PPC campaigns to run on Google. Unless you are familiar with AdWords, it can take a lot of research time to delve into all the options for setting up your campaign, ads, bids, ad extensions; the list is endless! This is why Google encourages everyone to take a Google AdWords exam. Look out for the AdWords certified logo or ask your potential manager for their certificate to make sure they are up to date.


Ask your potential account manager for references and testimonials. Find out statistics for previous campaigns they have run before to ensure they are productive. The key to PPC is consistent optimisation and continual improvement in statistics each month. Instead of asking for some results from previous clients, try asking what rate of growth you would expect to see. ROI is also a deciding factor in PPC. Paying per click on Google can be expensive, so whatever budget you set you should always see a return on investment. Ask for some facts!


Digital Marketers are creative by nature and think about marketing from the point of view of the customer. What we think we should advertise on Google is often slightly different to what a Digital Marketer would think. See how creative they are with thinking beyond just your services, ask them about different keywords you could use and how they would create engaging ads. For example, if you have a dog grooming business, you would want your ad to appear if someone searched for ‘dog grooming’. BUT a good PPC account manager would look beyond this and suggest more creative ideas such as ‘cutting dogs hair’, ‘trim a poodle’ or other keywords which would have less competition on Google and be cheaper.


A great PPC accounmodern-analyst-1316900_960_720t manager knows the time and effort it takes to constantly optimise and update PPC accounts to maximize ROI. As mentioned above, they know Google and have a sixth sense regarding the ins and outs, algorithms and behavior of the Google search engine. They should know what you can expect from your PPC campaign. Analysing your website, landing pages, call to action, offers, keywords and services can indicate quickly what to expect from your PPC campaign. Not every company can be promised thousands of pounds in ROI in only a few months, if they are lacking in any of the areas Google considers an important factor. If your website or landing page has irrelevant information or is out of date, Google will take this into account and keep you paying a higher cost per click than average. A great PPC account manager will look at all of these aspects, not just the PPC campaign, to set your expectations and consult you on how to get the best results.

Whether you are choosing to hire a freelancer or outsource your PPC account to an expert, remember it is an investment and should be considered carefully. Having someone manage your PPC because you don’t have time should be one of, but not the main, deciding factor. Your deciding factor should be based on who has the knowledge, creativeness and who truly understands Google well enough to maximize your investment.

Should you want to maximize your PPC investment in Bristol, feel free to contact the SpiderDigital team at SpiderGroup on 0117 933 0570 or contact us here.

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