Making sure you outsource right

By Mike Richardson

Tech General
12 January 2017

Outsourcing can be an extremely powerful resource when used effectively in a business, however it can also end up costing your company a lot of money. If you are already sending your work out to someone then keeping on top of them and re-evaluating often is essential to ensure you are not wasting capital. If you do everything in-house, then it’s worth considering the potential benefits of outsourcing to see if that can save you time and money.

looking at watch waitingShould I outsource?

If your business already runs perfectly and you have the exact right amount of time to get everything you need to have done completed by 5:30 then the answer to this is probably a firm no. However most of us aren’t living in this “perfect” world (if you are let me know when a vacancy comes up).

Outsourcing can give you the ability to focus on the core elements of your business while handing over some of the minutia to someone who has a more in-depth knowledge of what you need to do.

Take Information Technology for instance. To set up your own IT Support team will take up a lot of resources, including time spent recruiting, setting equipment up and then just paying the wages. Compare this with outsourcing to a company that provides IT support which will likely already have the infrastructure and after a few meetings can have a good grip of the needs of your company and how they can best help you.

coding screen

Checking in

As stated above if you are already sending work out then making sure this is done correctly is crucial. Taking the example of IT support if it takes 3 weeks to get someone to look at why you can’t access your emails or you receive an automated response telling you to turn it off again (watch The IT Crowd if you don’t get this) then maybe it’s time to look elsewhere for your tech solutions.

Establishing your expectations early and making sure they are met is one of the principles of outsourcing.

Outsourcing can be an extremely effective way to cut costs and improve the efficiency of your business or it can be a money drain and a source of more stress than it saves. Make sure you pick the right partner, go in with firm objectives and keep on top of them and it’ll be the former.

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