Microsoft can actually do a good TV advert? Sort of.

By SpiderGroup

31 Oct 2010

I can definitely say that I am a firm user of Microsoft products and I love their products. Previously when Microsoft did TV adverts, I can say for myself it made me cringe and think “this company is trying a little too hard” – not only that, the message was usually quite unclear and I suddenly started to think that Windows 7 was actually developed by someone having a shower.

We saw many upon many different cuts of this advert from people in the gym through to – you guessed it, people in the shower.

Going back to the point of this article, since Microsoft developed Windows Mobile 7 – they suddenly have been doing some pretty interesting adverts and I think it really engages people watching TV.

The reason why these Windows Mobile 7 adverts work is because you watch, you laugh and then you have a further laugh at the expense of the people on the advert focusing more on their mobile than what is around them.

Probably the best bit of the advert is when the gentleman actually drops his phone into a urinal and you think “damn – he must love his Windows Mobile phone that much”. Suddenly the strap line comes when the person stood to his right goes “Really?” and then its dawned upon you that none of these people actually have Windows Mobile 7.

The final voiceover: ‘We need a phone to save us from our phones. Designed to get you in and out and back to life’ makes it clear. Microsoft’s big vision for how to use a phone is not to use one.

Don’t you hate technology, they’re saying. Doesn’t it just get in the way of everything else? Aren’t you sick of spending all that time on your phone?

I think the advert works and there’s no doubt about it – the message is clear but it really wants you to find out more about the phone. Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 7 platform – if you didn’t know already is supposed to be a ‘gateway’ into connecting you into everything you could possibly imagine.

Could we expect more adverts with Mozart music and people running into others? Has the marketing really paid itself off for Microsoft? What do you think of the adverts? Pop a comment below – we would love to hear from you.

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