Microsoft Offers Hacker Geohot A Free Windows Phone 7 Smartphone

By SpiderGroup

20 Jan 2011

Geohot, also known as George Hotz famous for his Apple iPhone exploits and Sony Geohot hack for the PS3 has recently made his way into the news again, but now for the right reasons Microsoft believe.

Geohot is working on his Windows Phone 7 and Kinect hack but unlike other companies which want to sue Hotz, Microsoft are taking a different stance on it – offering Hotz with a free Windows Phone 7 smartphone.

Nothing has been confirmed yet if Hotz has accepted the smartphone offer but what’s emerged is that Microsoft seems to be embracing hacks on their platform and want to work with hackers to bring homebrew applications to their flagship handsets.


Great idea for helping Windows Phone 7 in the long run

This is going to be a good move for Microsoft working with hackers as it could end up helping the platform in the long run and making it more customizable and giving it a uniqueness.

-Via TFTS & Geeky – Gadgets

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