Microsoft Unveils Surface 2.0

By SpiderGuest

5 January 2011

Following Steve Ballmer’s keynote speech earlier today at CES2011, Ballmer ran through a lot of new developments but the focus was on Microsoft’s partnerships and Microsoft Surface. Towards the end of Ballmer’s keynote speech, Ballmer introduced Steven Sinofsky who is President of Windows and the Windows Live division and didn’t he have a lot to show off.

We started off hearing about Windows 7 and how successful it has been since its release, we also heard that the IE9 Beta had already hit and exceeded 20million downloads.

Sinofsky introduced us to the Microsoft Surface 2.0 which has been manufactured by Samsung. The first thing we noticed about the device is that it is an awful lot thinner than the first generation but the significant difference was no camera’s inside to track inputs.

Microsoft Surface 2.0 is going to be one of Microsoft’s showcase products for 2011. Designed  to allow multiple users to ‘manipulate’ digital content; Surface can be used for anything from banking through to EPOS for retail stores. Microsoft state that Surface 2.0 will ‘make content more engaging, stimulate users, make learning more fun and transform shopping experiences’.

The new version of Surface is 4” thick and now uses a ‘PixelSense’ technology. PixelSense is where every pixel is an infrared sensor therefore making the form factor a lot thinner, and giving potential buyers the ability to wall-mount the product.

PixelSense can not only support multi-input at one given time but Sinofsky held a piece of paper saying ‘I can see!’ placed it on the Gorilla Glass surface of the computer and it interpreted it.

Sinofsky stated that the hardware was powered by Windows 7, a multi-core processor and an AMD graphics processor.

Microsoft confirmed their first customer of Microsoft Surface 2.0 as Royal Bank of Canada and gave a demonstration of NFC with the product.

Microsoft says the Samsung SUR40 ‘Surface 2.0’ will be available in 23 countries worldwide later this year. There’s been no confirmation of pricing yet but with the original version 1 of Surface costing $12,500, I hope that it’s cheaper.

-Via Microsoft

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