Motorola Unveil Honeycomb 3.0 Smartphone

By SpiderGuest

14 March 2011

2011 is going to be a big milestone for Android with the release of Honeycomb which is specially designed for tablets. This will be the first Android version on tablets that isn’t just a modified phone operating system, it has a new interface called ‘stack tabs’. This however,  leads to a lot of questions arising for what to expect for Android in relation to smart phones.

The Motorola Xoom is going to be one of the first tablets released with Honeycomb pre-instahoneycomb bee 550x550 242x242 Google Shows Off Android 3.0 Honeycomb Demo At Its Press Eventlled out of the box.

We’ve all been waiting for the news of Honeycomb on a smartphone

A lot of us at SpiderGroup have eagerly been waiting for news on the tablets but we are also very interested in what is going to happen with smart phones – enter stage right the Motorola ‘Bee’.

Designed by joyStudios, the Motorola Bee is a pretty stunning bit of kit. With an all-black trim with a thin bezel and textured backing, the Bee is where smart phones are meant to be moving towards. According to the designers, the Bee will be compatible with laptop docks similar to the Motorola Atrix for AT&T.

What does this mean?

A pretty simple micro-HDMI cable will have your smartphone compatible with your HDTV in no time and simple to configure … we like this.

The handset supports 3G+ networks, has an eight megapixel camera with ‘full’ HD video capture and a front facing five-megapixel camera.

Four plus-inch screens are now becoming pretty standard within the smart phone market, and the Bea has a 4.3-inch super AMOLED multi-touch display at 1280×720 resolution, oh and did I mention the 32 or 64GB internal memory.

Motorola Bee concept: the world’s first Honeycomb smartphone

Reservations about the development?

Google have said that Honeycomb was designed specifically for tablets – so why would they want to put it onto a smartphone? joyStudios say that they have rendered and customized the interface so it will work with smartphones too.

Overall I think it’s great to see that Android will finally be changing its interface because at the moment, I find it rather bland if you are using ‘vanilla’ Android.

The image of the Bee is Android lover’s heaven and shows where smartphones could possibly go – if a joint venture between Motorola and Google happens, what else could we see?

-Via EletricPig

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