My thoughts on the new Microsoft Surface

By SpiderGroup

20 Dec 2012

So I have had my Surface for about 3 weeks now meaning it is about time I wrote a blog article with my view on it. At SpiderGroup we always like to give technology a test drive before we give advice to clients so this is my opinion on the new Microsoft Surface RT. For the record I got a Surface RT 64GB with the Touch cover.

Microsoft Surface

I didn’t want to bore people with a long article about the device so I thought I would summarise my thoughts in a bulleted list in no particular order:

  • The kick stand and Touch cover keyboard are great,  although it is little tricky to type on your lap due to the flex in the keyboard (trade-off between weight and thickness)
  • Having a proper version of office is brilliant
  • Finally OneNote can work properly across all of my devices (I also have a Window Phone)
  • I still find it weird trying to do things as I would have done on the iPad because that is what I got used to
  • Having a touchscreen on Windows 8 is great, I have been using it on my Macbook Air for 3 months or so and the gestures are really intuitive and a great addition
  • Needs smartcard support (this is a personal one for me, won’t be an issue for most people)
  • At first I wasn’t sure about buying one until I had had a go
  • Some parts are restrictive on the Arm processor such as smart cards and the software you can use
  • I also haven’t noticed a lack of apps although it will be nice to get the proper Twitter, Facebook and Zite apps (all on their way apparently)


My overall experience is very positive and I am pleased to be using this over the iPad that I had, this is finally a tablet form factor device that is designed for content creation rather than just consumption. This is obviously just the first version of this range of devices but I think they have a real shot at adoption both by users and more, this will probably become a mainstream business device.


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