New iOS 4.1 Update To Fix iPhone 3G

By SpiderGuest

22 August 2010

I truly do feel sorry for iPhone 3G users. First off, they don’t get to enjoy all of the features that the iOS 4 update has to offer, and then when they try to use iOS 4 on their phones, it slows them down to a crawl – I know this as I own a poor 3G with the dreaded 4.0.1 firmware bloating it down!

Fortunately, it seems as though the next update to iOS – version 4.1 – may go some way towards fixing these issues.

A disgruntled iPhone 3G user emailed Steve Jobs, saying :

“I’ve waited patiently through 4.0.1 and 4.0.2, looking for a fix that will make my phone work again. I’ve read the forums that advise me to jailbreak my phone or use some other method so I can downgrade back to a version of iPhone 3, however I’m not prepared to use a method that is not supported by Apple.”

Jobs’ response was short and to the point, explaining to the user that there is a “software update coming soon”.

He was no doubt talking about the newest update to iOS 4 which is currently in development. iPhone 3G users will no doubt be happy to hear that Apple know about their troubles, and hopefully they will see a fix sooner rather than later.

Are you an iPhone 3G owner who upgraded to iOS 4 and been experiencing problems ever since? How did it affect your usage of your iPhone? Do you welcome this news? Or has it taken too much time already and are you still using your iPhone 3G – if so give us a tweet or message on facebook?

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