Over 50 3D Titles Are In Development For The PS3

By SpiderGroup

23 Nov 2010

3D is an area slowly expanding within the tech world but I’m still not quite convinced to go out and spend around a thousand pounds on a 3D-TV and just to wear funny glasses. Now Polaroid have developed a 3D TV which means that you don’t have to wear the silly hideous glasses but I suppose that’s another story.

Good news is that Sony reckon that 3D is going to be pretty big on their Play Station 3 console which isn’t too surprising as Sony are one of the larger manufact""ures which develop 3D-TV’s.

Mick Hocking, the SCEE studio director said: “It’s a very positive thing to see the great level of interest in 3D from our development studios.”

“Overall we have more than fifty titles currently being converted into 3D, and this number if growing fast. Some of them are massive names. That’s a really, really good sign that the industry is behind our unique message that 3D is a key element in the future of home consoles.”

I think it’s safe to say that I feel a little hideous sat in a cinema with some geeky glasses on but with 3D gaming, I could possibly be swayed a little. In terms of games – there hasn’t been much confirmed yet but big names such as Grand Theft Auto, Grand Turismo and possibly more could be in development?

Now obviously Sony have released the 3D compatible firmware around a month ago so it’s just a matter of time until we see something big in the gaming market?

-Source Tech Watch

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