Google updates the Penguin algorithm – finally!

By SpiderGroup

27 September 2016

penguins-Google’s Penguin algorithm update is finally here! You may remember our March of the Penguins blog back in March (get it?) where we discussed the Penguin 4.0 algorithm update and what it could mean for your business. But now the update is finally here, we can put speculation aside and present you the facts.

What is Penguin?

Penguin is a part of the mysterious Google algorithm that ranks websites. Penguin has historically focused solely on the links to a website, where spammy links are considered toxic and therefore penalised. This means that websites with high quality links from relevant and reputable sources are rewarded in the search term results seeing higher rankings, or sites with tons of spammy toxic links may see a decrease in search rank position.

Real-time Penguin

So what’s different about the 4.0 update? Penguin is now part of the core Google algorithm and is now real-time, which means no more waiting for a Penguin refresh. If you were one of the businesses affected by Penguin in 2012, you may breathe a sigh of relief at this news. Previously, if you were penalised by Google for having spammy links and then put loads of work into disavowing and improving the website, you wouldn’t see the positive effect until the next Penguin refresh – god knows when that might be. This time around, changes will be visible much faster.

GoogleGranular Penguin

Rather than devaluing a whole website based on spammy links as previously carried out, Penguin will now look at spam signals and adjust ranking based on more granular aspects. Of course, this still remains to be seen and we will be monitoring the impact from Penguin for any big search engine ranking changes.

At SpiderGroup, we prepared for the update months ago, ensuring that our toxic links had either been removed or disavowed. So whether you see a shift in ranking position or not, spammy links still remain an important factor in the Google algorithm so why not be proactive and keep your website’s links tidy?

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