Pinterested or bored already?

By SpiderGroup

23 Feb 2012


I have definitely seen a rise in the ‘interest of Pinterest‘ this last couple of weeks. I myself tentatively dipped my toe in last week and was pleasantly surprised.

What is it?

It can be described as an on-line scrap book/pin board, so if you’re a visual person you’ll love it. As far as I can see you can have as many pin boards as you like and I’ve now downloaded a Pinterest Bookmarklet which works really nicely.

Will it work for business?

In my opinion if your business is a visual one then it would work beautifully. Imagine a photography portfolio or an interior designer using it, it would be an amazing way to share work. As a technology business, I’m not sure we’ll see a major benefit. I will continue to use it as I prefer using something as visual as Pinterest rather than a favourites bar for example. I’ve already referred back to my content marketing pin board on a number of occasions.

My verdict

  • It’s pretty, I love the design
  • Extremely easy to use
  • More personal than business
  • Great for businesses who have a portfolio
  • Handy for saving pages of interest


I don’t think it will compare to Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus for businesses, however, I do believe it will stay put and I will certainly be keeping my profile

Are you using it for business? What are your thoughts?

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