Does having PPC help SEO?

By SpiderGroup

30 October 2016

A common question asked by those looking to improve their SEO is whether running a PPC campaign will help. While PPC does help increase your search presence, running a Google AdWords campaign doesn’t mean Google will rank you higher in the organic search results. However, using PPC does give you access to plenty of insights that can help you develop a strong SEO strategy that delivers measurable results. So, that leads us to the more important question: how?

Keyword Planner

DeathtoStock_Medium6Often used by those in the SEO know how anyway, Google’s Keyword Planner is technically speaking an AdWords tool. Using it to carry out keyword research enables digital marketers to discover search volumes and annual trends for their relevant search phrases, helping to outline which are best to target and create a strategy around.

Ad Copy testing = better meta descriptions

remote workingSEO works by the slow and steady wins the race rule, whereas PPC can deliver results much faster. Almost immediately in PPC you can see whether ad copy is converting customers or not, enabling you to make quick decisions and change your ad text accordingly. Here’s why it benefits your SEO; if you spy some ad text in your PPC campaign that is working exceptionally well and getting bountiful clicks, then why not adopt and adapt it for your SEO’s meta descriptions? After all, click through rate is just as important in SEO as it is in PPC.


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