Preparing your business and staff for winter

By Chloe Wheeler

Tech General
21 December 2016

Although we are preparing for a wet and warm Christmas, the threat of snow may come in the early months of 2017. For businesses around the UK, winter is often an unpredictable season for absences from the office. Whether an employee is snowed in, public transport strikes or the epidemic of flus and colds, the good old British winter can impact badly on one’s business.

So what can you do to prepare your business for winter?


Before everyone dusts off their toboggans and gets excited about a cheeky day off, you may want to put in place some simple systems that will encourage even the biggest snow fan to stay inside and work. Here are a few of our top tech recommendations for allowing employees to work from home:

Remote Desktop – Create the same user experience at home as in the office. Implementing a hosted desktop solution will allow your employees to log into their office computer from home and all their files and desktop will be exactly how they left it. As long as they have a laptop, they can work!

Skype for Business – Essential for working from home. Previously called Microsoft Lync, Skype for Business allows employees to instant message each other, conference call and share documents within just a couple of clicks. Your employees can control and call through Skype installed on their laptops, so anyone calling in will have no idea they are sat at home in their slippers.

Microsoft teams – Teams is a great app which drives collaboration and enables teams to work together as if they are in the office together. Posts and messages can be sent to a central project which notifies the other team members of work or project progress. You can even upload documents to teams and work on them simultaneously without the need to save copies of databases and files.

Hands holding warm mugSickness

It is a strange habit that people feel it is necessary to come to work while clearly unwell and contagious. The worst part of that is they then infect the rest of the office which causes more absences and, particularly in winter, it is a pattern we see happen too regularly. Cloud computing and technologies like those above enable anyone feeling under the weather to work from home when they can without infecting the rest of the office.

Imagine being the boss who says ‘Go home, you’re sick’ instead of your staff coming to you for permission to go home. Allowing people to recover and work from home without infecting the rest of the office is something you will be thanked for in the long run!

With the right Technology parents with sick children no longer need to feel guilty about taking time off as the can work from home and not miss out on working.


Once the excitement of Christmas has passed and people are perhaps a little bored of each other’s company, you may find a number of your team will log into emails, or their remote desktop and voluntarily do some work to pass the cold, dark nights. Although we believe everyone should enjoy their holidays and not work we often find the temptation to check emails and get some admin finished is always there. The benefit of working from home and having the right tech to do so often leads to greater efficiency as employees are able to work on their spare time should they wish!

If you would like to learn how to prepare your business for winter or would like more information on remote desktop or the South West, call us on 0117 933 0570 or you fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.

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