How product landing page optimisation can help convert your paid traffic

By SpiderGroup

20 April 2016

PPC is an obvious option for marketing an ecommerce business, but if you’re noticing plenty of clicks yet few conversions, what can you do to turn your PPC campaign into a moneymaking marketing strategy that helps your business grow?

You may have tweaked your ads, upped your bid, or changed your ad schedule without seeing an increase in sales, but have you spent any time looking at your own website? Perhaps it’s time for you to step away from the AdWords interface and focus on your landing pages to see what changes can be made to increase sales.

Starting at the very beginning (because, in the words of Maria from the Sound of Music, it’s a very good place to start) and making sure your onsite content matches the quality of your paid ads is a sure fire way to boost sales.

Reap the rewards of powerful product descriptions

As consumers ourselves, we all know images encourage us to make sales, but one other dominant factor that can help us convert is product descriptions. A unique, engaging and informative product description will push sales by benefitting user experience AND your organic rankings!

Compelling content

Death_to_stock_photography_weekend_work (9 of 10)These buzzwords, along with the old adage ‘content is king’, has been circulating the SEO world for years. And there is a reason why it has stuck around for so long: compelling content works.

Compelling content is a proven way to increase traffic and drive sales, so why do websites spend plenty of time creating the perfect blog, yet fail to draw people’s attention with good copy on product pages?

Unique and fresh content is especially valuable in competitive markets, or where you are selling items that are readily available elsewhere. Adding a bespoke spin on commonly available items, backed up with you branding and style, can help you attract a loyal audience and customer base.

Dot the i’s and cross the t’s

Don’t think a whimsical description of how great your product is enough, though. To transform a browser into a buyer, you need to make sure you include the technical details too. Dimensions, colours, material, and shipping information are all welcome in the land of production detailsij25m7fxqtk-rodion-kutsaev.

Dedicated design

Adding relevant copy to your landing pages will help your organic rankings and the quality score of the page, but without visuals and good design, it’s unlikely that many people will want to buy from you.

Follow the yellow brick road

Turning your page into a yellow brick road will mean that your customer has a clear path to follow to make a purchase, while finding helpful information along with way.

To achieve a simple to navigate page, focus on minimalism and clarity, so images of your product, your descriptions, and your call to action are easy to distinguish.

Picture perfect

Descriptions and images should always go hand in hand and it is essential you don’t neglect good quality images in favour of detailed descriptions.

Whatever you’re selling, you should take multiple pictures to show off your goods. Usually, a photo of the product against a crisp white background and an ‘action shot’ of the item in use is enough, but you may want to provide more information with 360° images, or even videos.

Clear images can help boost sales

Tidy up the technical

From load times to security, meeting the technical aspects of a high performing landing page will definitely help you make more sales.

Safe and secure

Making sure your whole website is secure and safe by installing an SSL certificate means you don’t have to worry about losing customers who are worried about secure payments. The certificate prevents data from going anywhere but to you, and is now even considered a ranking factor by Google!

Get meta with data

Have you created title tags, meta descriptions, and H1 tags or are you leaving it up to your CMS and Google to decide what to show in SERPs? Doing the former is not only best practice, it is also the most valuable to your business.

Your title tags can have a huge impact on your organic rankings, and your meta descriptions can help increase Click Through Rate so is worth paying attention to even if your main way of generating traffic is through PPC.

Feel the need for speed

Your customers are going elsewhere if your loading speed is going nowhere. Make sure your website is quick to load to avoid customers immediately disappeari

Monitor your success
Monitor your success

Use tools like Pingdom and Google PageSpeed Insights to run tests on your loading speed, and implement their suggested changes so that your website and landing pages run smoothly.

And the winner is…

Once you’ve optimised your landing page, it’s time to analyse the results. Check for increases in revenue, the difference in time spent on site, and your bounce rate to show whether your improved page is more successful than before.

When looking at your AdWords interface, check whether quality score has improved and whether there is an increase in conversions to truly measure success.
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