How to rank higher in Google with SEO

By Mike Richardson

11 June 2017

The way Google ranks pages in search results is about as closely guarded a secret as you will get. With updates coming daily, and constant tweaks to their algorithm, there is no magic formula to getting to number 1 on the organic search results. However, through research and experience, SEOs around the world can agree on some factors that we know Google values highly and is likely to keep valuing.

Content is KingContent is King

Every marketer knows the phrase “Content is King”, that Bill Gates popularised in 1996, and it still holds true today. Pre-2011 before Google launched the Panda update, a lot of SEO was focused on getting as many keywords in your content as possible at the expense of readability. However now we know that Google’s crawlers have got much smarter, so in reality you only need natural mentions of your keyword and for the content around it to be relevant.

Having informative and helpful blogs, eBooks, videos and how-to guides about topics people are searching for will help your SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) positions. Google will penalise you if it detects too much duplicate content on your website too, making it all the more important to have fresh content.

Water ReservoirLink building

Part of how content helps boost you up the search ladder is by encouraging backlinks. Again something Google has taken great strides to prevent the abuse of, quality link-building is universally agreed as a key ranking factor. A good way to visualise this is to imagine websites as water reservoirs all stood in a huge, flat field; the more visitors a website has and the better the content is, the larger and fuller the reservoir. When a website links to another, a small pipe appears, sending water from the linking website to the linked. The bigger the reservoir to start with, the bigger the pipe connecting the two. So getting high quality, valuable links is key to make sure you build up your website reservoir.

Technical Help

On the more technical side of SEO, there are endless amounts of changes and tweaks you can make to ensure your site is easy to index by Google, and readable by your visitors. A few changes that we recommend you look at first are;

  • Page load time – site speed is really important to make sure visitors don’t get bored and leave before the site has even loaded. Pingdom is a great site speed tool to test your load time
  • SSL certificates – Having a secure website has become a Google ranking factor, especially if you are running an e-commerce website to ensure safe payment and peace of mind for your visitors
  • Meta data – title tags and meta descriptions are what a visitor will see before they even get to your website when they’re browsing, so it’s important that these are optimised to get the most clicks and traffic to your website

Sound a bit complicated? SpiderGroup can help with both content and technical SEO for your website. For all your queries with SEO in Bristol give us a call on 0117 933 0570 or fill in our contact form.

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