Review | PC Decrapifier

By SpiderGroup

4 Nov 2010

It’s a de-facto in life that everyone will go on out and buy a brand new PC from PC World, Dell UK or Currys, take it home just to realise that it is full of unwanted ‘crap’ programs and trials.""

I know myself that after purchasing a new laptop from PC World it seemed to come with a whole array of applications from McAfee trials through to child games just taking up wanted space on my hard drive. Now if there were ever to be an application we hoped for on a brand new laptop, it would be one that would get rid of all those free trails simply and effectively – the term for these programs can often be referred to as ‘crapware’. PC Decrapifier lets you save time otherwise spent in the computers Control Panel’s Add/ Remove meny and within a few mouse clicks users can clear their PC of any unwanted crapware – well most of it.

After agreeing to the terms and conditions of the software, PC Decrapifier prompted us to save a restore point – a smart and good safety precaution for this type of software.

The next step will bring you to the software-deletion process. In here a list of preloaded applications appear with a checkable box to the left of the programs name, so you can decide what stays and what goes. The only downside, which was a little frustrating was that PC Decrapifier didn’t realise all of the applications pre-installed on the laptop but a great little feature which has been included in the program is the option to reset Internet Explorer’s homepage and clean up your registry. PC Decrapifier also gives users the options for changing start up programs saving less technical users from having to go into ‘msconfig’ and tamper around with a few settings there.


After a few minutes of waiting for the applications to remove and cleaning up Internet Explorer, PC Decrapifier was all done. Everything defined was successfully removed, Internet Explorer was reset to instead of Acers own homepage and after rebooting the laptop, I noticed that the boot time for the laptop decreased making it nice and fast.

As PC Decrapifier doesn’t come with a price tag, for the nice little intuative software which you get avaliable in seconds as the file isn’t large at all, it saves users from having to faf around with Control Panels and getting lost.
If you want to download PC Decrapifier – download here
-Via LaptopMag
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