RFID Blocking Wallets Keeps You Protected From 21st Century Thieves

By SpiderGroup

29 Nov 2010

What is RFID? – Radio Frequency Identification

Why would I even one an RFID-thingy as a leather wallet?

Well its pretty simple, cyber and virtual crime unfortunately is an ever changing factor of life and thieves have found new ways around obstacles. Cyber crime is on the wise but with manufactures on the fight back, an RFID could actually be a worthwhile investment if you want all of your card information kept secure. The way which this new crime works is that a criminal could carry an RFID skimmer and demagnetization device, not only can the criminal take all of your card details but any card which holds an RFID chip in can be stolen without your wallet leaving your back po""cket and worse – without you even knowing it’s been taken.

RFID is all around is – in our cards, contact less payments, datatag devices, security tags for spirits in supermarkets and passports.

The wallet has an integrated mesh Faraday Cage within the the construction of the wallet meaning that if anyone tries to steal the data off your RFID chip, the signal will just bounce straight off your wallet leaving them with none of your data – probably best not to put your wallet in your back pocket from now on.


The only thing it won’t protect you from is being pick pocketed but i’m sure something is being developed for that.

If you want to take a closer look at the RFID Blocking Leather Wallet for yourself, you can grab your very own for just £19.99.

-Via Zath

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