Round up of the iPhone 5 rumours

By SpiderGroup

22 Mar 2011

Apple has previously released a new iPhone model in June so it’s pretty safe to assume the same will apply to the iPhone 5. That’s just over 2 months away and the rumours about what the new iPhone 5 will include are mounting…

The long overdue white version

Apple never got around to releasing the iPhone 4 in white, reportable due to light leakage. It seems likely that Apple will have resolved the issue in time for the iPhone 5 launch; in fact it’s possible an iPhone 4 may appear in white any day now as suggested by Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak.

T3 think they have photos of genuine iPhone 5 components and that these confirm the white iPhone isn’t far away.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

Have you seen the Barclaycard advert, the one with the guy on the water slide? Well that’s NFC, it allows you to pay for low value items just by waving your NFC equipped card/phone over a pad.

NFC has been around for a while now and hasn’t taken off yet but it’s rumoured the iPhone 5 will include the technology possibly signalling the mass market take-up of NFC technology.

4-inch screen

Although it’s generally believed the iPhone will be more or less the same size it’s possible it will feature and edge to edge screen allowing Apple to squeeze in a 4-inch screen, currently you get a 3.5 inch screen.

Design changes

A metal backed iPhone? Possibly, this may help with the complaints about scratching and could form part of a re-designed antenna on the iPhone 5 due to all the reported issued with the iPhone 4.

Anything else?

It seems likely Apple will include their new A5 chip which is now found in the iPad 2 resulting in a performance increase for the new iPhone.

The price seems likely to remain the same, there has been speculation about a cheaper iPhone, whether this is a cheaper, cut-down ‘Nano’ version or Apple just trying to reduce the cost of the standard model remains to be seen?

Will you be buying one?

Are you holding out for the iPhone 5, do you plan to upgrade to the newest model or are you stuck in a contract for a sometime yet?

I know I plan to buy one, I’m still using the iPhone 3GS having been unable to get the latest model due to my contract with Orange.

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