Samsung 9 Series – A Worthy Competitor For The Macbook Air?

By SpiderGroup

9 Jan 2011

Samsung have unveiled their new 13.3-inch ultra-light and portable netbook to rival Apple’s Macbook Air as the ‘thinnest and lightest 13-inch netbook available’.

Weighing in at just 2.89 pounds and .68 inches thick compared to Apple’s weight of 2.9 pounds and thickness of 0.11 to .68. Samsung have demonstarted that their netbooks have the ability to become ultra-portable, lightweight and desirable.

Could the world of netbooks next big move to encorporate Microsoft and ARM’s fully integrated chipsets with Windows and Office?

Samsung have managed to produce this ‘wafer thin laptop’ without compromising on power or ports. The netbook has Ethernet, HDMI, USB sockets and a headphone jack – however, it doesn’t have a DVD/Blu-Ray drive but that would be expected from a netbook with these proportions.


The netbook packs an Intel Core i5 processor; 128GB SSD Hard drive for super-fast execution of programs and multi-tasking and 4GB RAM DDR3. With hardware like this, it is comparable to high-end market laptops but will it rival the Macbook Air?

Prices has been rumoured to be $1,600 – £1,000.

-Via YouTubeComputer Weekly, NetBook Live

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