Samsung Drops 200 SD Cards From The Stratosphere

By SpiderGroup

25 Jan 2011

Little strange but it seems that Samsung have decided to see how robust their SD Cards are by attaching a memory card to paper aeroplanes 21 miles above the Earth in the stratosphere.

The aim of the stunt is to show how durable Samsung’s SD cards are.""

The 8GB-SD-card-carrying paper planes were lifted 21-miles into the air above Germany by a weather balloon yesterday.

Stunt to show the durability of Samsung’s SD cards

Each SD card featured a message from people who wanted to send a message in paper aeroplanes from the stratosphere. The messages included images, videos and a short message.

The planes were branded with Samsung’s branding and held a message “Congratulations, this plane comes from space”, along with instructions of how they can access the message.

The helium balloon carrying the 200-SD cards had a camera attached to it filming every moment of the journey up to the stratosphere alongside a GPS chipset so the ‘scientist buffs’ could retrieve the device when it landed.

Have a look at the journey of the SD cards and aeroplanes.


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