Samsung Nexus S Images Leaked

By SpiderGroup

10 Nov 2010

It seems as if a ‘Nexus Two’ or ‘Nexus S’ seems to have been caught in action by the bloggers over at Engadget. Not only do the pictures indicate possibl""y what the phone will look like but it seems as if – Android 2.3 could be on there.


From the pictures, you can clearly depict a front facing camera for what we can only assume as video calling via whichever application you decide to use through Android Market.

In terms of aesthetically pleasing, the handset seems to be pretty easy on the eye with its black plastic shiny material Samsung have used. Not only this, but on the reverse of the phone, there seems to be one huge lens – we can only assume that this is an improvement upon what was put on the Nexus One.


In terms of what is actually inside the phone, there are no solid details as such yet but with Qualcomm making some pretty fast processors recently; could we be looking at dual-core? Could we have an amo-led screen? Is the battery going to be an improvement?



Source: Engadget

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