Samsung Owns 90% Of The 3D TV Market

By SpiderGroup

30 Nov 2010

An estimated 300,000 3D TV’s have already been sold worldwide and one company in particular, Samsung are dominating the market with sales of 270,000 3D televisions already being sold.

According to the source, Chosun who are a Korean based newspaper company, Samsung were one manufacture which was quick of the mark to release 3D TV’s but it’s not surprising as Samsung even dominated the HD market too with a market share of 18%.""

For the figure which was generated by Chosun, I think we can say that still a lot of people are unsure whether or not to move to 3D yet and really who wouldn’t. We’ve already seen Polaroid product a TV where viewers don’t even have to wear 3D glasses for a full 3D experience.

With companies hot on Samsung’s tail in the chase up to Christmas, we’re seeing Sony give buyers the VAT back on all 3D and HD TV’s – could this mean Sony have a chance to overtake Samsung? Sony obviously have the Playstation 3 on their side so with a quality 3D TV where players don’t have wear hideous 3D glasses, this could be used to Sony’s advantage.

Stay tuned.

-Via Tech Watch

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