Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Hits 1-Million Sales Worldwide

By SpiderGroup

5 Dec 2010

Well it hasn’t been long since the Samsung Galaxy was released and the figures are already out. Samsung say that they have sold over 1-million units of their Android based tablet making it the official number one rival to the iPad by Apple.

On sale for little over a month and a half, these figures are pretty impressive seeing that this is probably one of the only credibl""e tablets on the market which isn’t a Chinese knock off.

It was only two weeks ago that it was reported that only 600,000 units had been sold, but now since Black Friday and the beginning of the holiday season, sales have started to boom for the 7-inch tablet.

With 1-million units already out of the door for Samsung, things could possibly get even better for them with the help of American and UK carriers offering the tablet on a pay monthly contract making it more luring to buy.

Samsung forecasts that their popular android tablet will sell well over 1.5million units by the end of this year which is supposedly 50% better than Samsung originally anticipated.

Now Samsung obviously have a big catch up game if they want to knock Apples whopping 90% hold on the tablet market but with more features and smaller form factor, this could be achievable.

With 2011 supposed to be a very profitable year for Android, could we see Steve Jobs’ wanting revenge on Samsung with a new iPad?

The current Galaxy Tablet has both 3G and Wi-Fi, Samsung are going to be taking a leaf out of Apple’s book and releasing a cheaper Wi-Fi only version of their tablet giving them the ability to attract potential customers who don’t need the 3G facility.

-Source BlogsDNA

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