Slowest Broadband Speeds In the UK

By SpiderGroup

23 Nov 2010

Mirror Mirror on the wall…who has the slowest broadband of them all?

Well it seems as if the mirror says that Farningham, a small village in Kent has managed to come ‘top’ in a new list of the country’s slowest locations for broadband Internet Service Provider connections in the UK. Farningham managed to average a download speed at just around – 1.30Mbps (Megabits Per Second).

I think that it could be safe to say that if in the case you decide to make a Google search, you could possibly find it a lot easier to run to the Google server? – Maybe not.

The results which found that Farningham had the slowest broadband speeds came from a survey conducted by in August to October 2010 – the results were based upon 98,000 UK speedtests.

Hopefully BT and Virgin will now be on the run to quickly lay down some new Fiber-Optics to get a reasonable speed to these poor people of Farningham. With the expansion of Fibre-Optic networks, hopefully we will see the decrease in area’s which suffer with poor broadband speeds.


-Source ISPreview

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