Social Media Marketing tips you need to know

By SpiderGroup

23 Aug 2016


Stop! Don’t post another thing until you’ve read this

I’m sure you’ve all heard the stats. Facebook has 1.6 billion active users. Twitter and Instagram each have over 400 million active users. You speak to other business owners and hear about the results they’re achieving with their social media marketing. You feel like you’re missing out. I believe it’s this type of feeling that leads to bad social media habits. Posting without a plan is something that I see time and time again. So before you post anything else, take a minute or two to read through a few basic hints and tips that will help to ensure your social media marketing is focused and effective.

"laptop-social-media"Know who you are talking to

Social media facilitates interaction. Your results will be greatly improved if you really know and understand who it is you want to interact with. Think about the target market for your product or service. Where are these people? What social media platforms do they use? For example, a photographer is likely to be using Instagram. A fifty-five year old businessperson is more likely to be using LinkedIn than Snapchat. Go and join them on the platform they’re already using.

Think about what they need to know, not what you want to tell then. What are their problems or issues? How does what you sell help them? Be clear that it’s these people you’re in conversation with; every post should be written with them in mind.

Have a plan

Now you know who you’re talking to, you can plan when to post and what type of content.  Link your social media plan to your sales plan. What type of action do you want this target group to take; Book a course? Like your page? Move across to your website or landing page? Sign-up for a newsletter? All good plans need monitoring, so set yourself measurable targets.

""Don’t continually post sales messages

You’ve identified your target market and are using social media to connect and engage, now’s not the time to alienate people by posting continual sales messages. Create content that will be useful to your audience. For example, hints and tips that showcase you as an expert are great. Posts with visual content always perform better than posts with just text.

Do explain to your audience what you do, include a clear call-to-action.


I often hear people say they don’t know what to say. There’s always something to say, share testimonials you’ve received or news about your business. It’s okay, in fact it’s really useful for your audience, that you share content from other sources. For example, a travel agent might share tips on packing a suitcase. Remember it shouldn’t be all about you!


Do speak to the experts

If your social media and digital marketing isn’t performing, don’t be afraid to speak to the experts.

For advice on social media marketing, speak to Esther James from Socialable. If you’re after tips on PPC, SEO, Google AdWords and email marketing, get in touch with SpiderGroup.

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